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Hi there! Welcome in my site. I am Ahmad Ahsan Akbar. You will find valuable contents and information related with FInance, Marketing and IT fields. Articles will be updated on regular basis to keep you informed with the latest trends in the industry to help you grow and succeed in this competitive world of technology.


  • Content Writing

    100% original copy of high quality content for web site, blog, your business or your academic papers that is proofread and tested to perfection

  • Online Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Brand Promotion, Online Classified Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Your site will be highly optimized to get top ranking and will be viewed on the first page of the search engine

  • Web Design & Development

    Highly responsive web design with awesome user experience which will grow your business

  • Business Development

    Grow your business with the proven techniques of business development that generate higher revenue with less cost

  • Portfolio Design & Management

    Minimize your risk on your investment and be in better position to take healthy returns

  • Financial Analysis

    Knowing the company in depth before making any investment decision is the key to successful investment

Expertise Level

Financial Analysis

Online Marketing

Web Design & Development

Business Development

Portfolio Design & Management

Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization

Feel free to contact me for:

- Financial Analysis of companies
- Investment Analysis
- Portfolio Design & Management
- Business Development
- Developing Business & Marketing Plans
- Hedge Fund Management
- Web Design & Development
- Search Engine Optimization
- E-Commerce Solutions
- Database Management Solutions
- Building Android Apps
- Online Marketing

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